Thursday, 21 November 2019
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Different panel options are available for your CTLS and CTLSi.

In addition to our standard Seven Inch screen,  Dynon SkyView , we now also offer the Ten Inch Dynon SkyView ;  the  panel for pilots looking for the latest in cockpit technology, and synthetic vision. We also have new Pricing for Garmin 3GX systems. Final quote and configurations will be sent upon request for Quote.

ALL Pricing is in US Dollars.

The CTLS has been outfitted with 3rd party equipment to support Police/Fire uses.

Flight Design also offers a Public use/ Law enforcement option called the CTLE which has enhancements that add additional structure for mounting Camera Pods, FLIR and extra generator for increased power consumption.


CTLS and CTLSi Standard Features - 

Flight Design USA CTLS and CTLSi
Dual Dynon 7" SkyView synthetic vision-
-glass panel w/back up gauges
Garmin SL 40Com & GTX 327 Mode C
PM 3 Stereo intercom with iPod jack
Oil and coolant thermostat system
No-Bounce composite main landing gear
100-hp Rotax 912ULS engine or 912Si Fuel injected
Stainless steel exhaust
3-Blade Neuman Propeller
Garmin Aera 510GPS - 
406 Mhz ELT w/remote panel
Three axis trim system pitch is electric
Cloth Sport seats with headrest
Cabin heater, carburetor heat
Wheel pants and gear fairings
FD Night Flight package
Sliding air-vents
Gull wing doors w/gas struts
BRS 1350HS Parachute system
LED strobes & position lights
Door locks, parking brake
Fire extinguisher & CO detector
4 point pilot harnesses
12V accessory plug
FD Prop cover and Pilots briefcase

Dynon Dual 10" Skyview Panel Upgrade

EFIS & EMS Upgraded to Dual 10"
Dual Skyview SV-D1000 Displays
Dual System Backup Batteries
Engine Monitoring Module
Dual GPS Antenna/Receiver Modules
Dual ADAHRS (Air Data Attitude Heading Reference System)
Dual OAT Probes
Backup Gauges Upgraded to reduntant
ADAHRS with independant Pitot probe
Enhanced (wider) Instrument Console with four individual panels
Dynon SV-261 Class 1 Mode S - Transponder W/TIS Traffic uplink 
Panel mounted Garmin 796 GPS - with XM Weather and TIS Traffic
LEMO Plugs for ANR headsets
406 Mhz ELT W/Remote panel
Skyview Panel Upgrade Price includes above items $11,335

Airframe & Equipment Options

Dynon SV-XPNDR 261 Mode S Transponder
Garmin AERA 796 GPS XM upgrade
CT Pilot II VS Two Axis Autopilot (Pitch and Roll)
with vertical speed control
FD Pilot II VSGV Two Axis Vertical Nav / GPSS Autopilot 
For G3X system
Whelen LED Landing Light upgrade
Tundra Wheels with Wheel Fairings $1,490
Black Leather Seats $1,190
Light Brown Leather Seats $1,190
LightWeight LiFeP High capacity Battery with charger $879 N/C on CTLSi
Larger capacity battery $120
Dual AMSAFE Seatbelt Airbag system $6,375
Mecaplex Photo Window $765
Color graphics (Wave, Storm or Classic) included
Auxiliary Alternator
Garmin AERA 796 GPS XM upgrade
No sun visors -$200



SkyView Panel Options

SV-Map-270 Navigation Software Upgrade (Recommended)
Garmin GTN 650 Black System

Garmin GTN 750 Black System

Dynon SkyView Integrated Two-Axis (Pitch and Roll) Autopilot 


Upgrade Garmin SL-30 Nav/Com
No Headsets -$380

Garmin Dual 7" G3X Panel

EFIS EMS and GPS Upgraded to Dual Garmin GDU 375 and GDU 370
Advanced PFD / MFD System
PFD = Personal Flight Display
MFD = Multifunction Flight Display
System Backup Battery
XM Weather
Dual GPS Redundancy
GTP 59 OAT Sensor
GMU 44 Magnetometer
Garmin Com Upgraded to SL 30 NAV / COM / GS
Garmin 330 Mode S transponder
TIS functionality through G3X link
ELT ARTEX ME 406 – 406MHz
Trutrak ADI
Garmin G3X Panel Upgrade Price as equipped above: $9,980

G3X Panel Options

Garmin GTN 650 Black System $14,408
Garmin GTN 750 Black System $19,950
Garmin SL-30 Nav/Com Upgrade
Dynon SkyView Integrated Two-Axis (Pitch and Roll) Autopilot 
No Headsets -$380
Add-on cost (per plane) Shipping : $1,200
ADD — U.S. Government fees for security and processing $800
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