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The History of Airtime Aviation

Tom Gutmann began pursuing his interest in flying as soon as graduated from high school. He relocated from Dayton, Ohio in 1969 to Tulsa, Oklahoma to attend Spartan school of aeronautics. Upon graduation he obtained his private pilot's license then soon after received his instrument rating. He continued to own, operate, and maintain his own personal planes. In 1972 opened his first auto repair center in Tulsa and for the next three decades he open and successfully operated three more repair facilities. In 2001 Tom purchased the first Flight Design CT airplane in the U.S. What started as a hobby soon turned into what is known today as Airtime Aviation. Tom enjoyed flying the plane so much and received so much positive feedback that he began distributing the plane in 2003. Shortly thereafter, Tom's son Tom Gutmann Jr. joined Airtime Aviation. Together, they have served as president and vice president of the Ultra Sport Flyers organization, EAA chapter 10 and have been instrumental in promoting the Tulsa fly in. Airtime Aviation has consistently been the number one selling Flight Design distributor and has sold more light sport planes than any other distributor world wide. With Flight Design introducing two new planes in 2008, and our master certified service facility, Airtime Aviation will continue to provide safe professional service for years to come. 

Flight Design Germany

Beginning with hang gliders in the early 1980s, and progressing to light-sport aircraft, Flight Design has approached air sports and the manufacture of its aircraft as professionals. Matthias Betsch, Flight Design’s managing director, states, “We design and produce every machine by ourselves and, more importantly, we fly everything ourselves.”  For more than 25 years the people behind Flight Design have been professionals in sport aviation.In close cooperation with its dealers and pilots, Flight Design develops and improves their products. Flight Design employs a team of 30 engineers to design and refine its product line. A team of 600-plus workers in Germany and Ukraine contribute to the high-tech design. Technical innovations and continuously improved safety characteristics are responsible for Flight Design’s growth. Since production of the high-technology, carbon-fiber CT was launched in 1997, more than 900 CT’s have been delivered to customers throughout the world. Flight Design is committed to bring modern materials, progressive design concepts and safety improvements to the pilot community.

The "CTLS"

Eleven years after the first CT entered production in June 1997, the Flight Design Team is introducing their new CTLS. Pilots will easily recognize the similarity to preceding CT models, yet the changes are many as the new LS model addresses customer requests over the last two years. Flight Design, the clear market leader in Europe and the United States, has proven that the company knows how to satisfy cards_small.jpgcustomer expectations.

The  LS offers the utmost in space, comfort, performance and ease of flying so that less experienced pilots can fly it easily. The aerodynamic qualities of the CTLS were completely reworked using full-size wind tunnel tests and flight evaluations employing the newest data recording equipment.

In the LS interior, the seats have been redesigned and the noise level reduced to underline the long range capability of the CTLS. The cabin has been resculpted to add volume and light. The engine installation and fuel system have been reworked according newest market experience and know how. New construction materials have improved durability and outside weather resilience.

As corporate policy, Flight Design never presents a new airplane until it is fully certified and ready for delivery. The CTLS was debuted at the 2008 Sebring Expo in Florida, USA on January 17th and at similar dates in different countries around the world. The CTLS is certified as a Special Light-Sport Aircraft fully meeting ASTM standards and the German BFU/LTF-UL rule. Augmented not replaced, the CTSW model will be continuously built. For more pictures Click Here  To view the new color and graphic designs Click here 

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