Advanced Aerodynamics

The F2 was designed specifically for CS-23 certification and to meet the ASTM F3180 low-speed flight characteristics of fixed-wing aircraft standard for departure characteristics, spinning, and stall warning. Sculpted winglets reduce induced drag, improve climb and cruising range. The smooth cantilever strutless wing also reduces drag and allows maximum visibility from the cockpit. The highly optimized airfoil of the F2 allows generous internal volume for the fuel tanks and is also structurally efficient.

The elegantly sculptured Carbon Fiber fuselage of the F2 is designed for extra-large volume in the cabin and to reduce drag while providing cleaner airflow to the tail. The large span stabilizer and separate elevator has been designed for optimum low speed control and better feel. In total, the aerodynamic features have significantly improved the F2′ stability, control and its overall ease of flying. While the top speed of the unlimited F2 will be impressively high, the F2 flies with efficiency and low fuel consumption at all speeds. CFD based virtual wind tunnel design tools were used to complete the efficient and refined aerodynamic design.