CTLS Float Plane

The Flight Design Team has completed over 150 hours of flight testing in preparation for the final approval.

The certification process involved no changes to the basic CTLS airframe. A gear position indicator and the water rudder handle along with a split brake handle were added to allow for castoring steering on the ground.

Clamar’s 1400 float series allows the CTLS to takeoff with a water run of only 15-20 seconds at full gross weight. The CTLS Floatplane cruises at 100 knots where the wheeled model achieves 115 knots. Airtime Aviation, Flight Design Distributor, is continuing development and also offers a straight float (non-amphibious) version. Useful load for the CTLS Lite with the amphibious floats is 500 pounds.

The Clamar floats match the structure and the feel of the Flight Design planes, Pricing has been set at $39,900 plus the prop exchange. This price means that it would be possible to get BRAND new amphibious 100Kt float plane for $161,850 in ready-to-fly form.

Owners who already own a CTLS may add the Clamar floats to existing CTLS aircraft. We are accepting orders effective immediately.